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CNC Services

Our CNC workshop at The Joinery Workshop Ltd gives us the ability to cut complex profiles quickly and accurately on our flat bed CNC machine. We are able to offer our clients a varying level of service depending on requirements. 

If you understand the technology and are able to supply your own cut files, we can produce your components quickly and efficiently without the need for consultation. 

Alternatively, should you have an idea which you are struggling to conceptualise, our specialist CNC expert can work closely alongside yourself through the drawing, formatting and cutting phases of development. 

In summary, our CNC services include;

  • Product Development

  • Drawing Formatting

  • 2D Cutting

  • 2D Modelling

  • Comprehensive Delivery Service

  • Next Day Material Supply

  • Double Sided Cutting

  • Fabrication for Architecture & Interiors – cladding, fittings, joinery, etc.


Our CNC Tools

Large flat bed CNC machines with multi-tool changers, make light work of repetitive and complex profiles on most materials. Interfacing between specialised CNC routing software and our CAD system cuts down the time from design to concept allowing prototyping to be completed prior to manufacture.

CNC Machine
Beam Saw

The Beam Saw may be programmed to cut large material with speed, accuracy and repetition which provides a consistent result time and time again.

At The Joinery Workshop Ltd we realise that not all processes may be automated, the use of traditional skills and hand tooling play an important part in many designs and product manufacture. Where possible if we are unable to source an approriate machine to automate a repetitive task, we will endeavor to produce our own machinery in order to increase production and reduce costs to the client.

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