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Who We Are...

Shopfit UK are a manufacturing company specialising in the production of bespoke products from a wide range of materials. Utilising the latest technology in all aspects of the company from client management to manufacture, we are able to offer a complete solution from conception/design to completion and installation.

Our experienced staff enable us to offer a wide range of services to manufacture your product to the highest standard.


We offer a bespoke design service to bring your ideas and concepts to reality. Whilst familiar with traditional methods and materials, we are always forward thinking, using every opportunity to bring together the latest in materials and manufacturing techniques or develop new and exciting products for the client. 

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

CAD is a substantial element used throughout the design and implementation of your product. Some aspects of the project may not require 3D and as such we also offer a 2D service, providing detailed working drawings for survey, manufacture and installation purposes.


To ensure complete customer satisfaction we offer a prototyping service enabling you to monitor the development of your product and understand it's design and construction. We realise the importance of seeing, touching and working with a full size sample of your equipment, this will help you attain the perfect combination of it's aesthetic and operational elements. This process is invaluable in terms of ensuring that all elements of the product meet the agreed specification and it's functional suitability. 


With a significant change in manufacturing techniques over the last few years, we have taken on board the latest equipment and adopted the benefits associated with these alterations. This ensures we are able to meet the ever changing demands of our client base. 

In Conclusion

With a team of dedicated staff that combine years of experience within the industry, our company understands what you need as the client. We are totally committed to providing a range of services, ensuring we set refreshing new standards of manufacturing and installation. Our ability to combine these services within a professional and friendly enviroment enables us to focus, build and protect our client relationships. 

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